Rail Operations Inc is reliable provider of services and products to Railroad/Transit oraganizations as well as suppliers.


Rail Operations Inc has a variety of products to support Centralized Traffic Control (CTC), Authority Control, and SCADA controls.

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Rail Operations has a Railroad/Transit Dispatching product and provides consulting services to Railroads and Railroad suppliers. Rail Operations' approach to it's products and services is to provide value added solutions for an economical price

Rail Operations can also create tools for factory testing or field testing and diagnostics. By leveraging the extensive libraries of functionality within the RO Dispatcher product, Rail Opeations can build software like a Control and Indication Point Testing program that can support Railroad protocols such as Alstom Data Train IIV and Ansaldo Genesys in both master/slave modes. An Event log manager that can create and collect events. and allows access to the events through a Web interface.